Max Corp and our staff have successfully completed a variety of micropile, underpinning and foundation support projects throughout the Western United States, Alaska and Hawaii. The projects have included both residential and commercial applications of driven pipe piles, micropiles and tiedown anchors, drilled shafts as well as drilled and installed soldier pile systems for underpinning and foundation support. Construction of the foundation and underpinning systems have included appropriate testing and monitoring.

Foundation support systems have been completed in both existing foundations as well as prior to construction of new foundations. Our foundation systems have been installed on dams, bridges, residential and commercial businesses, medical facilities, factories and warehouses, as well as wind and electrical towers.

Sumner Springs Reservoir Seismic Retrofit

General Contractor: T. Bailey, Inc.

Owner: City of Sumner

Description: For this project 32 micropiles were installed around the radius of the existing reservoir holding tank. The micropiles installed 12” from the exterior of the tank and the tank was surrounded around the majority of its perimeter with an exposed bluff which severely restricted the access around the tank. Soil conditions were dense sands and gravels with few fines and an active water table that was flowing at the surface of the drill bench. The project was completed utilizing a Kelmm 806 drill rig with a 6” DHD. The holes needed to be cased full depth to avoid caving. Each micropile was load tested and then locked off against the new footing that was poured after the micropile installation.


Renton Memorial Football Stadium

General Contractor: Westmark Construction

Owner: City of Renton School District

Description: This project included 16 micropiles installed prior to the construction of a covered stadium viewing area. The micropiles were installed utilizing a Klemm 806 drill rig with a hydraulic flush method. They were cased full depth. Each micropile was nearly 85’ in depth and the soil conditions were predominantly loosely consolidated silts and sands with a water table present at about 5’ below the surface. A total of three of the micropiles were successfully tested – two proof tests and one verification test.


Farmers Market

General Contractor/Owner: Path America

Description: This project utilized 43 each micropiles in a dual purpose method. The micropiles were a small part of a large excavation project for the construction of a Farmers Market. The excavation was adjacent to an existing business and in order to maintain access for the business micropiles were utilized to buttress the access way, provide support for existing utilities and they also served to work as vertical elements to maintain stability of soils for the mass excavation. The micropiles were installed utilizing a Klemm 806 drill with an external air flush method. Soils were advanced glacial outwash with fine sand and gravel and a trace of fines.