About Us

Company Profile

Max Corp, Inc. is a specialty Geotechnical Construction firm with experience and expertise in a wide range of drilling, shoring, anchoring and underpinning work. Our staff has a combined construction and management experience of over 50 years in successfully and safely completing drilling, shoring, and underpinning projects. Our staff has managed, supervised and constructed projects ranging in value from $1,000 to $80,000,000 throughout the Western United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

The staff of Max Corp has an extensive experience and background in Micropiles, Pipe Piles, Soil Nailing and Shotcrete, Soldier Pile, Tiebacks, Drilled Shafts, Tie-down Anchors, Rock Anchors, Rock Bolting, Scaling, and Dewatering. At Max Corp, we take pride in our ability to see to completion Design Build projects as well as Owner Designed projects under the simplest of conditions to the most difficult. We encourage our clients to involve us in feasibility studies, budgeting and value engineering in an effort to minimize costs, maximize project efficiency as well as profitability. Our goal is to bring your projects in safely, under budget, and on time.

Who we are

Derick Cooper – President

Derick began his career in the construction industry nearly 40 years ago as a young boy picking up nails and sorting out the bent nails from the straight ones so they could be recycled. In a short time he had been promoted to picking up and burning the discarded lumber cut offs. When he was eighteen he began earning money for college by working as an independent contractor by bidding, designing, and constructing projects for the US Forest Service to rehabilitate rivers and stream beds for salmon spawning. He worked extensively in the White River and Green River drainages installing deflector logs, weir structures and removing debris buildups within the river systems.

Derick graduated with a BA in Business Administration from Washington State University in 1986 and later returned to Washington State to graduate in 1994 with a BS in Civil Engineering. In 1997 he passed the California Professional Engineering exam to become a Licensed Professional Engineer. Since his graduation in 1994 he has worked as a Project Manager, Estimator, Engineer and Business Development Manager within the drilling industry. He has played a key role in Business Development, Design and Construction, Project Management, Project Development, Estimating and also contributed to the development and publishing of the Federal Highway Manual for the Construction of Micropiles. Derick has bid and managed projects ranging in value from $1000 to $80,000,000 throughout his career.

Sherm Jenne – Operations Manager/General Superintendent

Sherm has worked nearly 30 years in the construction industry. He has many years of experience running, drill rigs, excavators and other construction equipment. He also has a CDL with years of experience in moving the equipment that he works with. Sherm is also a proficient mechanic and works with the equipment to insure maintenance is always up to date.

Sherm also has an extensive background in running work crews. He has worked as a General Superintendent for many years working on Public Works highway projects as well as commercial and private projects. Sherm operated his own excavation business for several years prior to joining Max Corp.

Ed Boyer – Superintendent

After graduation from high school in 1973, Ed Boyer spent 1 year in college before going to work in the drilling industry. Ed worked for a large drilling contractor in California from 1975 to 1997 working his way up from a General Laborer to General Superintendent supervising projects across the United States and Alaska.

The projects Ed worked on consisted of drilling and grouting dam foundations, exploratory drilling up to1000 feet, slope stabilization, tie-back anchors, soil-nail walls, rock anchor walls, deep drain holes for dewatering systems, residential and commercial water wells as well as environmental wells. In 1997, Ed took an opportunity to advance his career by going to work for a larger drilling company as a General Field Superintendent and Project Manager supervising projects on the West and East coast. Ed was responsible for the startup of the vibro compaction operations of his employer in Milwaukee.

In September 2001 Ed again took an opportunity to advance his career by going to work for another large drilling company on the West Coast. Ed at this point was responsible for the supervision of all of the projects in the Southwestern United States. The primary emphasis was now micropiles, soil nailing, soldier piles and tieback anchors.

In 2005 Ed started his own business working as a consultant supervising rock scaling, rock bolting, high pressure grouting, drain holes and dewatering systems as well as micropiles and tie-back anchors. Ed has worked on projects ranging from $1000 to $28,000,000. Ed is an accomplished Superintendent who has a knack for thinking outside the box and getting projets completed on time, under budget and safely.

Alynne Gootkin – Accountant

Alynne graduated from Southern Connecticut State University, Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Business Administration majoring in Accounting. She began her career in accounting with a “Big 5” accounting firm in Hartford Connecticut. After moving back to her native Washington State, she was an Owner/Accountant for the family construction company for 23 years. While working and raising three children, Alynne also volunteered her accounting and management expertise for several non-profit organizations. She has been with MaxCorp for over 3 years, managing all accounting functions.